A Superior Level of Care — Operative and Non-Operative

A Commitment to Collaborative Care

N.J. Spine Center was founded in 1987 by Dr. Steven Dorsky as the first facility dedicated solely to spinal care in the state. The approach of combining non-operative and operative care in one practice was new. NJ Spine Center was the first multi-specialty spine center in New Jersey, and is still the largest; it has a history of providing the sophisticated, state-of-the-art spine care that one would expect from a major teaching facility in New York City.

In this unique practice, our physicians integrate multiple areas of sub-specialty to provide the best option for your care. Here, you are provided with not only an explanation of your problem, but also the rationale behind the treatment plan. Our physicians use their training and experience to maximize the benefits of your treatment plan while minimizing risk.

Whether you come to the NJ Spine Center as an injured worker, an injured athlete or as one of the eight in ten people who experience some type of back or neck pain in their lifetime, your situation is treated objectively. Worker’s compensation patients are given the same expert medical attention as patients suffering from sports injuries or chronic conditions. In all cases, you are seen as expediently as possible, and given a plan for recovering and getting back to work through successful treatment. NJ Spine Center communicates well with all providers, patients as well as payers.

For over 25 years, patients have relied on NJ Spine Center because they know they can depend on the expertise of its physicians. The physicians offer patients the attention they need to understand their unique situation, and present them with the least invasive and most conservative treatment to alleviate their pain and restore function.

The approach at N.J. Spine Center is to fully educate each patient regarding the cause of their spine problem, the most reasonable approach for care, and to assist in making the proper decisions for the best outcomes.

New Jersey Spine Center collaborative specialties include spine surgery, rehabilitative medicine and pain management

All of the physicians at the New Jersey Spine Center are board-certified and have trained at the country's most prestigious medical institutions (medical schools, residencies and fellowship programs).

Learn more about the specialists of NJ Spine Center:

Steven Dorsky, M.D.
Matthew Lipp, M.D.
Kenneth J. Rieger, M.D.
Michael Alapatt, M.D.
J. Scott Clark-Schoeb, M.D.
Brett Gerstman, M.D.