Cervical Laminectomy and Fusion


A Cervical Laminectomy is performed to make more room in the spinal cord and nerves, relieving pressure, irritation, and inflammation around the nerves due to bone spurs.  As this is a cervical procedure, the surgery will take place in your neck.  Your surgeon will make an incision, remove any lamina causing the issue, and fuse the affected vertebrae to give the spine strength and stability.

Your doctor may recommend you for a cervical laminectomy if:

  • Nonsurgical treatments have been ineffective
  • You have muscle weakness or numbness
  • You have decreased bowel or bladder control

Typically, you’ll be up and moving a few hours post-surgery.  You may be required to wear a collar to limit movement in your neck.  You’ll likely be able to return home a few days after your procedure.

You may be required to see a physical therapist to improve mobility, regain strength, and increase flexibility.

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